Friday, September 9, 2011

The BIG DAY is here!

At this point, we would hope that we don't have to remind you all, but today is the big day.

Starting at 11 a.m. downtown, Pottstown's Second Annual Open Doors Extravaganza, Open  Door-a-palooza gets going in Smith Plaza, opposite Pottstown Borough Hall on High Street.

See two posts below for the latest schedule in case you didn't get a copy of The Mercury's handy Open Doors tab in Wednesday's paper.

The only change that Lee's ill-timed floodwaters have made at this point is that the Schuylkill Greenway Association building in Rivertfront Park will not be able to open its doors, otherwise it would be letting in a bit too much of the Schuylkill River which has rudely filled the parking lot.

Otherwise, with King Street opened this afternoon, be reminded that both the Carousel at Pottstown building and Pottsgrove Manor, both across from Memorial Park, will have their doors opened as planned.

So stop down, spend the day enjoying all of what Pottstown has to offer, and then mosey on up to Pottstown High School in the afternoon for free food and fun.

And stop by The Mercury's Community Media Lab in the morning and talk with our on-line editor Eileen Faust about how you can become one of our bloggers; or stop by The Mercury's table at the high school for some free stuff and talk with reporter Evan Brandt about how much fun you're having.

Maybe you'll get mention in this prestigious blog!

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