Friday, September 2, 2011

Twitter me this!

Well, after much resistance and no small amount of brow-beating, I have succumbed.

As a result of a combination of peer pressure and professional necessity, Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt is now on Twitter.

In fact it was because of Open Doors that I finally signed up, so that I too can "live tweet" during the event itself on Saturday, Sept. 10.

So don't make my sacrifice be in vain folks, follow me at @PottstownNews and you can see my posts.

Follow our other reporter working that day, Brandie Kessler, at @I_M_BrandieK and see how much better at this she is than me.

Also, all our tweets will have the #OpenDoors hashtag so you can find us that way as well by doing a search.

See you in cyber-space folks! (Or is that the twitterverse?)

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